21st Billygoat Run

Emerald Anniversary

Pond Mountain, Kent CT

April 11, 1999

T-Shirt Design: Annette Becker
Course Setter: Ralf Becker
Meet Director & Course Vetter: Melissa Dominguez
Registrar: Craig Weber


Ellen O'Keeffe (1st split, Finish)
Anne Buraczynski (Aid Station, Results)
Karin Knesaurek (Aid Station)
Jarmila Jutt (Aid Station)
Annette Borowitz (Rec, Finish)
Bill Borowitz (Rec, Finish)
Annette Becker (Finish)
Ed Hicks (Finish)

Special thanks to the Meet Workers for doing double-duty and in particular:
- Ellen, for claiming to be too out of shape to run (I know you could have)
- Anne, for volunteering eons ago and travelling all that way
- Karin, for giving up running in the Goat and for bringing another volunteer
- Jarmilla, for being volunteered by Karin and coming
- Annette (Borowitz) and Bill, for always volunteering (it's hard not to abuse you)
- Annette (Becker) and Ed, volunteers I didn't know I'd have

Also, Many Thanks to: Donna Fluegel, George Hawes, Judith Dickinson, Stephen Stibler, Betsy Hawes, Mairead O'Keeffe, Dave Webber, Paul Regan, Joe Mokszycki, Robert Buraczynski, Jim Bullitt, Paul Bennett, Donna Hutton, Susan DeWitt, Rick DeWitt and Peter Goodwin (in particular for the weather!)

Though we made sure to promptly post the results, I apologize for the delay on the decision for Club Award. Ralf sent me his write-up a while back, but I have been a wee bit busy; besides having to deal with other post-Goat stuff (like having to order additional T-shirts for all of those day-of registrations - negative style points there!), I worked the last day at my old job on that Tuesday and started a new job on Wednesday. I have also been kept busy with physical therapy sessions and unpleasant doctor visits for a herniated neck disk...
Needless to say, the Club Award was not a top priority.

The high number of starts (155, a new record?) and the open woods seem to account for the comments of never being alone, the "parades" and it being "one long line". This also probably accounts for the high percentage of finishers (93% - 144), though the winning time was right on target (93 min).
The following caused many to mispunch a rec control (remember the fate of the lemmings and check those control IDs!). Most realized this and corrected their mistake. Unfortunately, 2 did not and were MSP'ed.

There were also a few comments on the choice of white for the T-shirts. For those of you who don't know, there are very, very strict guidelines (8 pages, single-spaced, trucked over from the Divinely Appointed Billygoat Steering Committee) that must be followed when organizing a Goat. This includes selecting a T-shirt color which has not been previously used. I won't tell you what happens if you break the rules, for fear that no one will want to organize the next one.

As Meet Director, I present my comments, but defer to his Royal Headgoatness to make the decision on the Club Award (a neat way to complain without getting the blame?).

Like Ralf, I was hugely disappointed in not experiencing the kissing-up I had heard so much about. But more pertinent to my view on awarding style points (or in this case, subtracting points) is the fact that I had the hardest time getting volunteers to commit to working during the meet. I knew this would be harder to staff than an A-meet, but I thought I could have get by with only 10 people. I got a few "I'll let you know on the Saturday" and a lot of "no, can't help". I even emailed all of the competitors and asked if they would be bringing any non-runners who would be willing to help out. How many responses did I get? Zero! And to top it off, I had several volunteer cancellations and no-shows. So I went into the meet with only 6 volunteers.
And then there was the Recreational course, which was supposed to be a totally separate event, run by a totally separate crew. If we had known that we would end up having to run it (thereby stretching my volunteers even further), we wouldn't have had a Rec course.
I was perfectly willing not to give out a Club Award.

However, time has passed and I have tried to think of some worthy occurrences.
Though I've complained about the lack of meet workers, there was no shortage of pre-meet workers, from both WCOC and HVO. In fact, Donna Fluegel almost won the award singlehandedly for WCOC by picking up the T-shirts for the event as well as the additional T-shirts ordered after the event. Unfortunately, WCOC had many points to make up considering they offered no meet volunteers even though the event was on their map and they had the highest attendance (other than HVO) and then they dared to have the most day-of registrations.

One could compile never ending Club stats, so here are just a few not mentioned by the Course Setter, as well as the few anecdotes I've heard:
- most different skips: NEOC with 7 (though honorable mention to DVOA with 4 different skip for 5 people)
- most unpredicted skip: NEOC on #1
- most original strategy to move ahead a few places: HVO by stampeding a herd of deer, causing scattering and disorientation of competitors in front (in spite of this, Jon still finished last).
- most females: UNO with 7 (47% of UNO participants!)
- most 50 or older: WCOC with 6 (all in under 3 hours except 1, but then, he didn't skip any controls)
- oldest: CNYO at 69 (also under 3 hours and without a skip!)
- most in top 30: USMAOC with 7
- most honest: GHO-HKF for giving back 45 minutes worth of miscalculation-
most beautifully arranged aid station table: HVO

That's it for me. Now for the Course Setter...


It has been a part of the Billygoat "aftermath" to present the Club Style Awards. The criteria for this award have always been at the discretion of the organizers, so we tried to be open to any suggestions and take into account whatever possible.

Many tales have been heard about previous Goats: how clubs tried to influence this decision through all forms of bribery. Stories about Champagne and other goodies. Well, those attempts were sorely missed this year, which preloaded all clubs with a hefty bag of negative style points right from the beginning. Don't you care anymore??

While adding up style points for outstanding achievements, it became clear that probably no club would make it back into the black numbers. Of course, giving this award to a club with a negative balance was out of the question.
Did this mean there would be no award this year?
Or should we?
No, it can't be. There has to be one club who deserves it - or the whole Billygoat spirit may vanish into thin air.

Still, we can't ignore the already collected negative style points, and some clubs added to their negative account with no-shows for promised help... Did you notice the lack of volunteers this year - more negative points across the board. (BTW, the missing split after 2/3 of the race was just a result of a missing volunteer.)
Wait! That is something we should definitely account for: who was willing to help the battered and physically disabled organizers? Not many, but they were all HVO members! Who volunteered to pick up controls after the meet (always a well appreciated activity) - just a bunch of HVO members! That seems to go in one direction : )

Using other well established criteria we could ask questions like:
Which club had the biggest attendance? - HVO - 22
Which club had the biggest combined running time, therefore spending the most time in the woods to admire the course setter's work? - HVO with 54 hours and 51 minutes.
Which club provided for the most dramatic finish? - HVO with just 31 seconds to spare.
I could go on and on, but I don't want to.

HVO is declared the Club Style Award winner of the 1999 Billygoat !!

Honorable mentioning goes to the Canadians, for the repeated wins in both classes (not for a single club though). An outstanding feat, but it fell short of HVO's gathering of smaller style points.
Also mentioned should be SOK (although with only one participant), for handing in the cleanest and most readable punchcard of the whole event. It was almost better than the master punch card, which took hours to prepare.
All of you out there with your ripped, wrinkled, dirty, bloody, scribbled on punch cards - lower your head in shame.

P.S. HVO also collected some negative points for the most skips on #17. Why the hell did I carry all that water up there?

1999 Hudson Valley Orienteering