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HVO is based in the New York metropolitan area. We host orienteering events throughout southern New York and northern New Jersey. Everyone is welcome to participate in our events.

Results Ward pound Ridge Results
So we got lucky with the weather – snow mostly gone and a nice Spring day. This was reflected in the numbers, 109 competitors for 76 starts.
All courses were popular with winning times about where they should be – a tribute to course setter Craig’s good estimation of orienteer’s pre-season fitness.
Heartfelt thanks as usual to Trailside Museum curator for the use of the museum. Thanks also to Craig for the great courses, Tim and Craig for manning registration all day, Liz doing her usual efficient job on the computer, Pat for helping out where needed and Liz, Pat, Judy, and Andy for help in control pickup.

Results Here

Splits by Win Splits

Red Splits on

Others Splits on

Posted by GeofC Sunday, March 23, 2014 (18:19:18)

Club News Calling All Juniors!
Have fun - Make friends - Step up your orienteering

On March 28-30, after a two-year absence, the
Northeast Junior Training Camp
returns to Blue Mountain!

The camp will be open to all junior (age 20 & under) orienteers, who can complete a white course independently. It will focus on improving orienteering skills while promoting a fun social atmosphere.

Training will be lead by two highly qualified individuals:

Head coach: Becky Carlyle, Level 3 qualified coach (British Orienteering Federation)

Assistant coach: Erin Schirm, US Junior Team Coach -- and former HVO junior!

The Basics...
Location: Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY
Time: 6:00 p.m. Friday 3/28 - 2:00 p.m. Sunday 3/30
Meals: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch
Accommodation: Blue Mountain Trail Lodge

Full information can be found here. (GoogleDoc)

Posted by Guy Wednesday, March 19, 2014 (08:39:21)

Club News HVO Juniors Named to US Junior Standing Team
The Junior Team Executive Steering Committee (JTESC) has announced the US Junior Standing Team (JST) for 2014, and three HVO juniors have been selected:

Anna Breton
Elina Breton
Julia Zielczynska

They will join 7 other young women and 12 young men in representing the USA at international competitions, and training at a high level for orienteering. They have each committed to 5 hours of physical training per week, at least half of which includes orienteering or navigation. They will participate in training camps and work directly with US Junior Team Coach (and former HVO junior) Erin Schirm, as well as local mentors.

To see the full JST roster, please go here.

Posted by Guy Monday, December 30, 2013 (04:25:53)

Club News Ever wonder what goes into making an orienteering map?
A new video has been produced about the production of a new map in Kentucky for a national meet in 2015. Check it out!

If you don't see the video, click here.

Posted by betsy Saturday, December 07, 2013 (14:23:47)

Results Winding Hills Orange County Park, NY - November 30, 2013
Winding Hills County Park, Montgomery, NY November 30, 2013
Course setter: Judith Dickinson
Meet Director: Betsy Hawes
E-punching: Geof Connor
Helpers: Paul Bennett, George Hawes, Gwen Hawes, Nadya Popova, Kseniya Popova,, Bob Bullions
68 participants, 38 starts
It was a beautiful day, but very cold, hardly moving above freezing. We weren’t able to make any ice cubes of the participants, though, and when actually moving it wasn’t bad at all. (Back at registration, download, and starts it was a different story!) We had orienteers of all levels of proficiency. JROTC kids who missed the event last week, scouts from a couple of troops, families both experienced and not…all had a great time.

Results Here

Splits by Win Splits

Posted by betsy Saturday, November 30, 2013 (22:08:41)

Results JROTC Champs & HVO local event, Blue Mt. - November 23, 2013
Great turn-out at Blue Mountain Reservation

Results here

Results with split times (Win Splits)

Apologies to those who used the rectangular pCards. We are having trouble downloading the data so at the moment you are shown as DNF (did not finish). We hope to have it fixed in a few days.

260 starts,over 405 participants.
Course design: Anna and Elina Breton
Course vetters: Bernie Breton, Jim Mertz, Geof Connor
Meet director: Betsy Hawes
Starts: Bob Bullions and George Hawes
Finish: Tim Cutler and WP Cadet
Registration: West Point Cadets
Instruction: Betsy Hawes and West Point Cadets
Epunching: Geof Connor and Liz Chiera
Control pick up: Bernie Breton, Jim Mertz, Judy Dickinson, Liz Chiera, Tim Cutler, George Hawes, Liisa Breton

This event wouldn't have been so successful without a lot of help. Special thanks to Cadet Cody Stamm and all the West Point Cadets from the USMA Orienteering Club who spent most of the day helping with registration, instruction, e-punch control, and finishes. They were fantastic! Also, special thanks to Park Ranger Joe Cangelosi for making sure we had the use of the lodge in the park. That really made the event run smoothly and provided needed heat and bathrooms. The e-punching crew seemed tireless, all the controls were picked up at the end of the event and are ready to go out next weekend, and the JROTC cadets did their usual great job of “policing” the grounds.. There were some glitches, but not too many considering the numbers of participants.

Congratulations to the winning teams and the winning schools in the JROTC part of the event. You are welcome to come to other meets with your families and friends.

Posted by GeofC Saturday, November 23, 2013 (23:40:58)

Results FDR Score event Results - November 2, 2013
We had beautiful day in F. D. Roosevelt State Park on Saturday. Over 80 participated, including 36 cadets from North Rockland JRROTC, led by Cpt. Mike Zimet. Carl Gebauer brought several Boy Scouts from troop 376, along with their parents.

Thanks to our devoted staff of volunteers. Geof Connor set the courses, set out controls, helped run the e-punch results, then picked up controls. Liz Chiera also helped with e-punch and control pick up. Chris Osborn ran registration with help from Jon Osborn. Jon also helped vet and pick up controls. Thanks to Tim Cutler from NJ for picking up controls, and learning the e-punch system

Results for beginner and score courses.

There were 7 "perfect" runs in the long score with the fastest being Andrew Wibmer (sorry Craig, their was a "glitch" in the software (it happens!) which put you first instead of 6th).

Two perfect scores in The short score with Paul Bisset the fastest.

Jeff Osborne
Event Director

Course Results

Splits here Win Splits or here

Winsplits cannot do splits for score events so only White and Yellow are useful

Posted by GeofC Saturday, November 02, 2013 (22:09:06)

Results Silas Condict Park - 10/20/13 - Results
Silas Map Adventure Results

Course Results

Note that because they did not clear their SI finger punch before starting the times for Laura Jacobs (White) and Daniel Ayzenburg (Green) are excessive. They should be 43 Minutes and 170 minutes respectively.

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, October 21, 2013 (21:55:35)

Club News Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Local Event - 9/28/2013 - Results
Great Turn-out on a beautiful Fall Day
Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, Cornwall, NY
Saturday, September 28, 2013

It was a perfect fall day at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum for the 77 people (58 starts) who went out on the courses designed last year by Bob Berg. 31 of those starts were on the White course and many of those completing the White went on to try a second course. Rich Sweeney ably handled the registration and Bob Bullions got the participants out on their courses. Betsy Hawes gave beginner instruction and George Hawes handled the finish. Nadia Popova helped with the control pick-up. The staff of the museum manned a refreshment sale and helped with producing the copies of the maps and control descriptions needed. A great time was had by all!

For results, click here.

Posted by Daniel Sunday, September 29, 2013 (00:14:36)

Results Orange Cty Senior Games Orienteering, Hudson Highlands Nature Museum - 9/23/13
Orange County Senior Games Orienteering
Hudson Highlands Nature Museum, 23 September 2013

The day started chilly, but warmed up quickly as almost 30 seniors and Shoprite representatives played map symbol bingo and then did an exercise for orienting the map. After that they headed out on the courses. We had one start on Brown and one on Orange with the rest on White. Nobody was lost, nobody came back early, and a great time was had by all. The lunch provided by Shoprite was great!

Meet Directors: Betsy and George Hawes
Meet helpers: Bob Bullions and Rich Sweeney

For results, click here.

Posted by betsy Monday, September 23, 2013 (21:16:32)

Results Highlander & Lowlander - 9/22/2013 - Results
"Racing, Tumbling, Aching Through Silvermine"

As Joe succinctly put it "a bit rough around the edges but generally OK". There were over 90 starters in the two races. Perhaps the best moment was seeing expressions and moans at the start when everyone looked at the maps - first leg 4.5K!

Congratulations to Zachary Schroeder and Alexandra Jospe for being the winners of the main event and Ken Walker and Evalin Brautigam in the Lowlander.

Also congratulations to Mary and Eric Smith who, as Glen noted, started the run in the summer and ended it in the fall.

Apologies to the 5 runners who got to control 1 after 2.5 hours and found just a streamer and 1 empty cup and no control. Our mistake, a communication error. And yes, we review things and see that we can do different next time.

The food, as usual, was sufficient (anyone want 3 packets of thawed burgers?), sumptuous (eating while trying to catch the breath and to somehow walk?), filling and tasty thanks to the Bretons, Liz (soup) and Chris Osborn.

Many thanks to Daniel for all the preparatory organization, Joe for course setting etc, Alan and Daniel for help with control hanging, Geof for being the day of event director and SI expert (plus taking on many other important tasks), Liz on computer, Nadia, Ksenya, and Erin for control pick up, Betsy and George for manning transition.

Now for 2014!

Highlander/Lowlander Course Results

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Highlander Splits on
Lowlander Splits on

King / Queen of the Mountain and Trail Run Results

Posted by GeofC Monday, September 23, 2013 (20:26:47)

Club News HVO's New Pricing for Groups
In order to encourage all group participants to have a meaningful orienteering experience at HVO local events, the Board of Directors has adopted a new pricing policy, which includes providing each person with a map.

A 2-person group (regardless of ages), in which at least one person is an HVO member, will now pay $7; 2-person groups with no HVO members will pay $12; these fees will include 2 maps.

For each additional person, age 8 & over, the cost will be $2 -- regardless of age or membership -- and they will also receive their own map.

The new policy took effect on November 1, 2012. The first event to see its implementation was Silas Condict Park, on Sunday, November 18, 2012.

A sample table of costs can be found here.

Posted by Guy Friday, November 16, 2012 (11:42:34)

Club News FDR Score event on Nov 2, 2013
Local event with beginners courses and Score-O

Come to FDR Park in Yorktown Saturday Nov 2nd and try beginners courses (2) or a score course where you find as many controls as you can in any order in a certain time with points for each control and penalty points for going overtime. Two score courses, long is 23 controls, about 7km (1.5 hours) and short is 12 controls, about 4.5 km (1 hour).

Starts from 10 a.m to 12 noon.

Note - start/finish/registration at the pavilion close to parking area 6 (not our usual spot, see Google map below)

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT PARK (Yorktown Heights, Westchester Co, NY)
Park Entrance is from the Taconic State Pkwy, approximately 13 mi North of the Saw Mill River Pkwy and 3/4 mi South of Rt 202 or from Rt 35 1/2 mile east of Taconic Pkwy.

For Google map, click here.
and zoom out.

Posted by GeofC Monday, October 28, 2013 (12:33:57)

Club News This Sunday: First Annual Silas Map Adventure!
Silas Condict Park, Kinnelon, NJ
Sunday, October 20, 2013

An HVO local & scout orienteering event in memory of Bjorn Walberg -- HVO's late, beloved Mapping Director and "executive producer" of the Silas Condict Park orienteering map. Co-sponsored by BSA Troop 277 of Kinnelon.

For those who will not be at the US Classic Champs, in New Hampshire, we will be offering White, Yellow (Short & Long), Orange, Brown and Green courses -- all on pre-marked maps, with e-punching!

Registration & starts will be available much longer / later than usual: 10:30am - 2:30pm.

For more information, including course details and directions, please visit the event webpage.

Posted by Guy Thursday, October 17, 2013 (22:09:29)

Club News FDR meet date changed
The date for the meet at FDR is now Saturday Nov 2nd. This is because up to mid October the park charges $8 entry to the park.

HVO - always thinking of your pocket!!!

Posted by GeofC Saturday, October 05, 2013 (12:43:08)

Club News Hudson Highlander & Lowlander 9/22/2013
Ready for the Marathon in the Woods

The assembly area for the Hudson Highlander and Lowlander 2013 is at Silvermine in Harriman State Park. Plan to arrive around 8 AM. The walk to start is at 8.40 AM, start for Highlander & Lowlander is at 9 AM.

Remember to download meet notes (pdf). There are no paper copies at the registration.

There might be one or two wet stream passages, especially if rain is moving in. Consider preparing your feet with vaseline or waterproofing them otherwise (this also works against blisters).

Cell phones: You are allowed/encouraged to carry a cell phone, but do NOT use the GPS or any map application. The cell phone number of the event director is listed in the meet notes. Use it in case of emergency. Cell reception in Harriman is limited. Sending text messages works better than calling. Also go to higher elevations to use the phone.

Safety bearing: The way we use the area, there is no given safety bearing. Use your estimate/judgment what the next larger road might be. Then take a rough bearing west, south, east, north, east and north (that's the real sequence, it won't help you much to guess the course...)

Food: There are many water stops along the race course. There is one manned transition at 13 k where you can pick up your own food/drink/shoes. Be prepared with snacks/gels for the second half of the course.

We are looking forward to see you on Sunday for this challenging and amazing race in Harriman State Park.

For directions go to the calendar page.

Posted by Daniel Wednesday, September 18, 2013 (03:45:00)

Results Westmoreland Sanctuary - 9/07/13 - Results
A relatively poor turnout for such a beautiful day for orienteering, about 40 starts on 7 courses. The idea of a second yellows seemed to work well as an intermediary from Yellow 1 to hardish Orange.

All the advanced courses were difficult, as the times suggest; as advertised for red but apologies for brown and orange. In retrospect I should have dropped at least one control in brown to avoid a nasty climb and descent (course vetter Craig had suggested this - my bad)

Many thanks to Craig for vetting and helping set out. To Liz on e-punch and Betsy and Bob on registration and Liz, Bob and Judy for help in control pickup. Also thanks to Steve from Westmoreland for his help before and on the day.

Geof Connor (ED/CS)

Course Results

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, September 09, 2013 (14:14:28)

Club News Hudson Highlander/Lowlander 9/22/2013
Register now!

The registration for the Hudson Highlander and Lowlander is now open.

For details, go to the HVO calendar.

For registration, click here.

Posted by Daniel Thursday, September 05, 2013 (18:24:51)

Club News Next event Explore the Sanctuary
Explore Westmoreland Sanctuary at a local meet with full range of courses including long red for Highlander practice, Green, Brown, Orange, White and two Yellows for improving beginners. 3 for one map for white/yellow. The woods are open so come and enjoy (hopefully) the last of the summer.

Starts from 10 a.m. - 12 noon.
For group waiver for youth 18 and under please see here

Directions here

Posted by GeofC Thursday, August 08, 2013 (00:49:05)

Results Ward Pound Ridge Reservation - 7/20/13 - Results
88F in the shade and humidity at about 99% meant that only the hardy came out to Ward Pound Ridge last Saturday. However 30 stalwarts enjoyed(?) all the courses set by Craig Weber and most of the winners at least came in in respectable times whilst many of the others decided it was hiking, not running, weather.
There was plenty of water out on the course, some icy cold; Guy drank so much at one control he forgot to punch!
Heartfelt thanks for those who spent the day in the heat helping out: Craig and Bob for setting out controls, Liz on e-punch, Jeff and Bob on registration, Jeff on instruction when needed and Craig, Liz and Charles Carrick for control pick-up.
Geof Connor, Event Director

Course Results

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Blue Splits on

Posted by GeofC Sunday, July 21, 2013 (14:58:21)

Club News Ward Pound Ridge this Saturday, July 20
Come and run in the summer woods which are still clear at HVO's 'first of the summer wine' event at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River, Westchester County, NY next Saturday July 20th.

Start time 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. with a full range of interesting courses White through Blue set by Craig Weber.

Registration/starts etc are in the meadow below shelter 5 at the top of Michigan Road (signed from Park entrance). For full directions see the HVO Calendar event page.

Event Director: Geof Connor

Posted by GeofC Saturday, July 13, 2013 (14:46:52)

Results Bushy Ridge Results June 1 2013
Results for Bushy Ridge here Results here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Red Splits on

Posted by GeofC Sunday, June 02, 2013 (15:46:55)

Club News HVO local event - June 1, 2013
Final event of the HVO Spring Season
Enjoy the beautiful weather with a hike around Pelton Pond or a challenging longer course on the Bushy Ridge map in Fahnestock State Park.

This is the last HVO meet this Spring. The next event will be a Summer event at Ward Pound Ridge on July 20.

Meet Director: Betsy Hawes
Course Setter: Dave Webber

Start: 11 - 1
Beginners' Instruction offered free of cost.

Courses: White, yellow, orange, green, (brown), red, with electronic punching.

Location: Pelton Pond, Fahnestock State Park, Rte. 301, Putnam Valley, NY

From south/north: Taconic State Pkwy to Rt 301 West. Go approx 0.3 mi to the parking lot on your Left.

From west: Take Rte. 9 to Rte. 301 East. Go about 5.5 miles to parking lot on your right. (If you reach the Taconic Parkway, you have gone too far).

Google map:
Click here to find a map of assembly area and to produce driving directions.

Posted by Daniel Friday, May 31, 2013 (17:06:32)

Club News News from the Board of Directors
At the HVO Board of Directors meeting following the AGM, the annual reorganization was held.

Guy Olsen will step down as President to assume the position of Southern Area Coordinator and Jeff Osborn will begin a term as President. Guy will complete his term as an HVO Director. Bob Bullions will continue as Vice President. Geof Connor begins a term as a director.

Appointments for 2013 were confirmed with Lyla Meader as Membership Director, Annette Borowitz as Map Sales, Betsy Hawes as Recording Secretary and Northern Area Coordinator, Geof Connor as Central Area Coordinator and E-Punching Coordinator, Craig Weber as Treasurer and Equipment Director. Several other positions will be confirmed soon.

The position of Web Master remains open and in need of a volunteer.

Betsy Hawes, Recording Secretary

Posted by betsy Tuesday, May 21, 2013 (16:01:57)

Club News TEOC Results
Taconic Outdoor Education Center/Moneyhole Local meet results from May 19, 2013

19 individuals and 9 groups started on a wet day at TOEC, about 63 people in all. They enjoyed courses designed and set by Daniel Schaublin, Declan Hennelly, and Betsy Hawes. On Orange through Red e-punching was used, thanks to Geof Connor and Craig Weber. Thanks to Ed Hicks for helping with instruction. George Hawes and Bob Bullions handled the starts and the finishes of the white and yellow course participants. George, Declan and Craig picked up the controls. Rich Sweeney helped with registration. And as usual, TOEC proved wonderful hosts for our event and for the Annual General and Board of Directors meetings which followed the event. Thanks to all helpers and hosts!


Results for White and Yellow:


Comets I 29:00
Mike Cuffie 31:00
Jenn group 38:00

Team Yellow 42:00
Comets II 58:00
Comets III DNF


Gail Monahan 145:00

Barbara/Tobias Heller 83:00
Yevgeniy Skaradinskiy grp 92:00
Althea Keaton grp 77:00

Higher course results and splits below.
Results here

Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, May 20, 2013 (15:26:04)

Club News HVO local meet and AGM on May 19, 2013
Fresh Spring Leaves, Fun and yes, the AGM!

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Taconic Outdoor Education Center (TOEC)
Cold Spring, Putnam County, NY

Courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green and Red

Registration and course starts will be available 11am - 1pm.
Instructions will be available starting at 10:30am.

Please note: Courses will be closing early -- 3:00pm -- due to the start of HVO's Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 3:30.

This year, the AGM will include the HVO Board of Directors election, and a talk by Erin Schirm, the US Junior Team Coach -- and former HVO junior!

Course information and directions to TOEC can be found here.

Mountain Laurel Outdoor Rec Fest: There will be many other activities besides the orienteering: bird banding & walk, kayaking, hooping, ropes course, and a raptors & reptiles demonstration. Hot food will be offered for sale as well. The Rec Fest will run from 9am to 2pm. For more information, check out the Rec Fest Flyer.

Posted by Daniel Thursday, May 16, 2013 (15:57:08)

Club News Holmes Results
What a wonderful day for an orienteering event. A sunny day with bright blue skies and ideal temperatures (70s) for a walk or run in the woods.

There were 34 entries comprising 63 participants. There were several groups with a number of beginners and children who tried the lower level courses, not always with complete success despite the pre-run training by Ed. However, they all seemed to enjoy the experience.

The mapped area consists of about one square kilometer but with some creative course design by Bob Burg, modified slightly in the field by Ed and Geof we managed to get in a challenging, but fast, set of advanced courses including a 7+K red one.

There were a number of positive comments about the variety of courses and the quality of the map.

The HVO Board of Directors conducted a board meeting after the event.

There was also a delicious Farm Breakfast sponsored by CSA (Community Support Agriculture) which was held on-site and which some of the meet participants enjoyed.

The folks at Holmes were particularly accommodating. They really lived up to their slogan of "there's no place like Holmes”. Besides the use of the property they provided us with water and coffee in the registration pavilion and other items like extension cords and furniture. Peter Surgenor, the director, went out of his way to make this an enjoyable and easy to run event, even photocopying the red control sheet when the ED found he had left them at home!. To make it easier to navigate some of the trails for White/Yellow the maintenance crew cleared some of the larger downed trees.

Thanks to:
Geof Connor for help in hanging the flags and for spearheading the e-punch
Nina Carlson for sterling work at registration.
Liz Chiera for epunch and control pick up.
Craig Weber and Bob Bullions for control pick up and general help in setting up and taking down.
Andreas and Sagi for (very fast) control pickup.

Ed Hicks ED.

Results here

Splits by WinSplits

Splits on

Posted by GeofC Sunday, May 05, 2013 (12:45:23)

Results Blue Mountain Report and Results
HVO Local Meet
Blue Mountain Reservation
April 13, 2013

Fifty-six people competed in Saturday’s Blue Mountain local event, with another six volunteering. The weather was mostly sunny and comfortable for mid-April. Two large groups of mostly first-timers went out on advanced courses and did quite well. One group did Green, guided by Frank who had some Orienteering experience. The other group received some basic instruction then registered for Yellow, but were given Orange maps by mistake. They finished in over three hours, but found all of the controls!

Thanks to Dave for setting great and interesting courses, Geof & Liz for handling the e-punch and results, Chris & Liz for handling registration, Jon for helping to set out the controls, and Dave, Andrew & Geof for picking up the controls.

- Jeff Osborn

Dave Webber: Course Setter
Geof Connor & Liz Chiera: E-Punch Coordinators
Andrew Raybould, Geof Connor, Dave Webber: pick-up
Chris Osborn: registration
Jon Osborn: control setting
Jeff Osborn: Meet Director, instruction

Results here

Splits on

Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Sunday, April 14, 2013 (21:38:57)

Club News Westmoreland Challenge Report
A great day, sun and in the high 50’s, brought a good crowd to Westmoreland, despite the fact that relatively few HVO and WCOC regulars turned up – was it the extra $5 or can’t you belive that Spring has finally sprung.

About 120 people showed, a majority of them first or second timers and many families with pre-teen kids.
Courses 1 & 2 (white and yellow equivalent) drew the most with 25 and 24 competitors (individuals and groups) respectively with 10 doing both courses. Beginners who tried course three (orange equivalent) found they had bitten off more than they could chew as all 6 DNFed!

Fastest on Course 1 in 22 minutes was NRHS cadet Luis and partner and NRHS Eric and partner in 39 minutes on Course 2
Of the higher courses red attracted 15 competitors with the fastest Neils Lyng-Olsen (WCOC) in 56 minutes with Sergie just behind in 63 minutes. Only 2 DNFs and one of those was because his finger punch broke! Brown attracted only 6 competitors – fastest was Eris Schonenberg (WCOC)

Most of the beginners said they thoroughly enjoyed the event and many promised they would be back – maybe at Blue Mountain this weekend.

Thanks to Craig for helping with the courses setting, hanging and pickup, Liz for her usual stalwart work on the computer – the kids really love the splits printouts, Ed for his instruction for beginners, and Andy Raybould for helping with control pickup. Also thanks to Westmoreland Sanctuary staff and Friends for their usual hard work and efficiency on advertising, registration and snacks.

For full results, please go here.

Posted by GeofC Monday, April 08, 2013 (11:57:01)

Club News Saturday, March 16, Blue Mt Training. Peekskill, NY
There was a typo on the date in the prior news item. The training event is Saturday, March 16 and not May. Sorry about that but maybe we should have one in May too. Any takers?

The training will include some orienteering loops of various lengths and a contour only exercise. We will get started at 11AM with everyone jogging/walking to the start triangle. How many controls and the distance is up to you depending on how you string the loops together. The training is geared towards intermediate and advanced orienteers.

To reserve your spot in this Saturday's training at Blue Mt in Peekskill contact Jeff Osborn email jcosborn at optonline dot net

Jeff will let you know where to meet and provide directions.

Posted by DaveW Monday, March 11, 2013 (23:57:27)

Sat Apr 19, 2014
Event Session Woods (WCOC)

On which of the following HVO maps in NJ, would you be most likely to attend a local event?

Results :: Polls

Votes: 53
Comments: 0

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