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Club News JROTC Champs & HVO event at Durland Scout Reservation - November 21, 2015
Great final fall event on Clear Lake Map

We had 296 people turn out to enjoy it all, participating in 178 starts. 104 of those starts were high school JROTC students meeting for the 15th annual HVO JROTC Championships. They came from 8 different schools in NY and NJ and raced on a white and a yellow course reserved just for their competition. First place overall in that competition went to O’Neill High School and second to Washingtonville High School. Several scout groups attended, several families, some people from the NY city meet-up, and seasoned orienteers from several states and countries.

It all ran smoothly thanks to the many helpers. 9 cadets from West Point handled instruction and parking and must have done well as everyone made it out of the woods! Thanks also to West Point Orienteering for the loan of SI sticks for the electronic scoring system which all enjoyed. Special thanks to Cadet Clukey who arranged for the SI sticks, Cadet McCormick who was in charge of the instruction group from West Point, and CPT Greg Hope who was the officer in charge. Keith Wiggers, the Ranger in charge of the scout reservation, was a terrific help by finding parking for all the school busses. Bob Bullions and Nadya Popova ran the start all day. Geof Connor did all the computer work for registration and finish and enormous job...with help from Craig Webber. Craig also helped with the SI sticks and more. Bill Shannon, George Hawes and Betsy Hawes manned the registration table.

There was a crew who flagged control locations a week before the event (Geof Connor, Bernie and Liisa Breton, Bob Bullions, Jim Mertz) and a second crew who hung the flags and boxes on November 20 ( George Hawes, Geof Connor, Nadya Popova, Jeff Osborn, Bob Bullions, and Craig Webber.) And finally, the control boxes had to be picked up, a job handled by Greg Balter, Bob Bullions, Nadya Popova, Jim Mertz, Craig Webber, George Hawes, and Andy Reybauld. Three cheers for everyone who helped make the event a success... it couldn’t have happened without you! And apologies to any helper that I missed.
Betsy Hawes, Event Director

Results are here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, November 23, 2015 (01:28:43)

Results HVO event at Silas Condict - October 25, 2015
Silas results are here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Tuesday, October 27, 2015 (16:53:54)

Results Explore the Sanctuary - Westmoreland - October 24, 2015
A nice crisp dry fall day and a new map brought over 200 people (110 group or individual starts), mostly new orienteers and beginners to Westmoreland Sanctuary last Saturday to ‘Explore the Sanctuary’, an event organized by the jojnt efforts of the Sanctuary and Hudson Valley Orienteering (HVO). One reason for the high turnout was the aggressive marketing by Westmoreland in local papers and stores. A “Meet In” organized by Ching-Hua also brought a crowd up from the City.

As many of the participants were new to orienteering Ed Hicks was busy giving instruction before they ventured forth into the Sanctuary, alone, in family groups and scout groups. Not content with one foray nearly 60 participants took up the offer of ‘3 for the price of one’ and went out a second time on a more difficult course.

Meanwhile more experienced orienteers ran intermediate and advanced courses and some favorable comments were received about the new orienteering map, being used for the first time at an event. Thanks to Greg Balter for preparing the excellent base map and also setting the advanced courses.

Orienteers came not only locally but from the city and upstate New York and from Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There was even one keen orienteer on holiday from Israel.

In addition to running the courses many people took advantage of the mild weather to have a picnic lunch and enjoy the foliage.

Many thanks to Craig and Paul for helping me set out controls and Greg, Andy, Judy and Paul for control pick up. Also thanks to Ching-Hua and Craig for helping with E-punch and also registration and of course Steve and Jill of Westmoreland for running registration and generally making sure everything went smoothly – not a small task with such large numbers.

Geof Connor
Event Director.

Explore the Sanctuary results are here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, October 26, 2015 (00:42:15)

Club News Hudson Highlander and Lowlander - Results - November 18, 2015
HH 2015: Long, tough and a little bit of snow

Read more here.

Thanks to the organizers who kept this great tradition going!

Highlander results are here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Monday, October 19, 2015 (12:46:40)

Results Museum at the Hudson Highlands - 9/26/2015 - Results
Perfect weather. Numerous competent volunteers. A great turnout. Fun courses. WOW! What a day! Over 100 participants took part in 63 starts at the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. There were lots of smiles.

The Orange Course this week was a Motala with 4 loops and 4 maps. It was challenging but within the skill range of most of the participants. It was also enjoyed by several Advanced runners. Thanks to Ed Hicks for taking on the challenge of designing this course and George Hawes for tweaking it a bit.

Many thanks to all the volunteers: Ed Hicks, Daniel Schaublin, Peter Zakrevski, Bill Shannon, George Hawes, Dave Webber, Mrs. Bekker, Ching-Hua Chen, Craig Weber, Bob Bullions, Nadya Popova, Jackie Grant and volunteer museum staff. Apologies to anyone whose name is misspelled; I did my best with what you gave me.


Posted by Daniel Saturday, October 24, 2015 (00:59:34)

Club News Mountain Lakes - June 5, 2015
A grey start to the day which turned into sun later – great conditions to run great woods.
About 90 people ran, 84 starts with some repeats and some groups in the lower courses.

Thanks to Ksenyia for some good courses, Craig for helping with ribboning, set out and pick up and generally stepping in during the day. Mairead and Alan for doing registration and instruction, Cheng-hua for helping on E-punch and registration and Andy, Judy, Greg and Paul for control pick up.
As always, sincere thanks to Park staff, headed by Brenda, for assistance before and on the day.

Geof, ED

Mountain Lakes results are here

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Sunday, June 07, 2015 (20:42:35)

Results TOEC & Moneyhole - HVO local event - May 17, 2015
Many Newcomers try out orienteering at TOEC Recfest

It was a terrific day to be out in the woods at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center in Fahnestock State Park, NY on Sunday, May 17! It was the date of the annual RecFest at TOEC featuring orienteering instruction and courses and many other activities as well.

About 100 people went out on the orienteering courses (48 starts): White, Yellow, Orange and a training run course for the advanced runners. Because the training course was available to be run for any number of controls, no competitive results will be posted, just the total time of each runner.

As usual, the event could not have happened without a lot of helpers. Thanks to Craig Weber, Geof Connor, Ed Hicks, Daniel Schaublin, Declan Hennelly, Bill Shannon, and George Hawes for help during the event and Greg Balter for control pick up. Special thanks to Declan for designing and setting the training course and picking up those controls.

Special thanks also to the staff of TOEC who invited us to participate again and helped with extra map copies! A reminder to all: always report to the finish even if you do not complete the course. We had 2 cases at this event where the staff had to search and search to be sure the participants were out of the woods.
Betsy Hawes, meet director

The results are here

Posted by Daniel Tuesday, May 19, 2015 (02:34:06)

Results Results - Tourne Park, April 18, 2015
Results of Saturday April 18, 2015, HVO event
at Tourne Park, in Boonton, NJ

Preliminary* Course Results

Splits by WinSplits

* - Still to be edited for spelling, club & class.

A few pix from the meet are in the photo gallery.

Posted by GeofC Saturday, April 18, 2015 (21:52:20)

Results Ward Pound Ridge HVO local event & AGM - April 11, 2015
"So great to be in the woods"

Yes, the sun still exists and it is possible to run in the woods again.

We had a full set of courses, mostly set in the fast open woods with a few gnarly legs thrown in on the advanced courses.

After the meet we held the annual HVO AGM. The year was reviewed, including our successful A-meet last fall at Mountain Lake. An effort to re-energize the club and start an initiative to attract new groups to our events was presented and found a very positive response among the members and the board.

Thanks to the event director Geof Connor (and his continued effort to provide access to WPR), the course setter Craig, to Bob B and Paul B who helped set out controls, Bob B, Jeff and Craig on registration, Ed for instruction and Judy, Andy, George, Paul and Craig for control pickup.

A big thank you to Museum Curator Jason for the use of the building and for staying late so that we could finish the various meetings and tidy up and to Park Manager Jeff Main for his cooperation.
As we are updating the Ward Pound Ridge map this could be the last time we use the old one.

For some snapshots from WPR, click here.

Course Results

Splits here Splits by WinSplits

Posted by GeofC Saturday, April 11, 2015 (22:02:29)

Results Love the Lakes - A-event results - 10/25 & 10/26, 2014
Mountain Lakes discovered

Many thanks to Geof Connor and the great coalition of map producers and the meet crew who made the HVO/WCOC A-meet possible.

For the competitive results, go to Love the Lakes Website

Posted by Daniel Monday, October 27, 2014 (13:28:18)

Club News Last HVO event of 2015 this Saturday
Come on out this Saturday, 21 November, to Durland Scout Reservation for the 15th annual JROTC Championships and the last regular local HVO event for 2015. Durland (formerly Clear Lake) is located in Tompkins Corners, Putnam County, NY.

Bernie Breton has set white through blue courses. The weather promises to be cool but clear, and the woods open.

Starts 10 to 1, but control pick up will begin promptly at 3, so please do not plan a late start on a longer course!

Directions, and a bit more info, can be found here.

Posted by Guy Wednesday, November 18, 2015 (08:25:57)

Club News Mountain Lakes Meet June 6th
The local meet at Mountain Lakes is on Saturday June 6th, 2015.

The streams are running, the vegetation is green but there is still lots of open woods and plenty of technical detail to please all classes and abilities.

See you at Mountain lakes on Saturday - starts 10-12.

See schedule for more details and directions.

Posted by GeofC Monday, April 27, 2015 (16:22:56)

Club News Orienteering at Tourne Park this Saturday! [4/18/15]
HVO's first New Jersey event of 2015 will be taking place this Saturday, April 18, at Tourne Park in Boonton -- conveniently located just 2-3 miles from I-287.

The course setting team of Nadya & (US World Orienteering Championships Team member!) Kseniya Popova will be offering a full range of Beginner through Long Advanced (White - Blue) courses.

With the annual Billygoat Run taking place on Sunday, just 50 miles away in NE Pennsylvania, some of the top orienteers in the US are expected to join us. For this reason, we have expanded our registration & starts window to 10:30am - 1:30pm. However, all courses will still be closing at the usual time: 4:00pm.

For complete event details, including directions, please visit the event webpage.

UPDATE: Terrain & course notes added, 4/16/15.

Posted by Guy Wednesday, April 15, 2015 (03:41:16)

Club News HVO local meet - Ward Pound Ridge April 11, 2015
Come to the first snow free orienteering event of the HVO year (although it may be a bit wet)

Saturday April 11th at Ward Pound Ridge starts at 10 a.m. Note that courses will close at 2 p.m. Followed by AGM at 2 p.m.

Craig has set some challenging courses to start the year.
Instruction and courses available for beginners

Weather looks good for the meet on Saturday and the woods are clear, fast and just a little bit damp.

Courses are

White: 2km
Yellow: 2.2km
Orange: 3.2km
Brown: 3.9km
Green: 4.9km
Red: 6.4km
Blue: 8.1km

Please note that because of our Annual General Meeting starting at 2 p.m. course will close at this time and anyone coming in after 2 p.m. will be disqualified.

First starts are at 10 a.m., runners intending to do the longer courses should start at an appropriate time.

Posted by GeofC Thursday, April 02, 2015 (08:23:49)

Barebones local event at Silvermine - Sunday March 15, 2015
Spring Has Almost Sprung Local Event

Jeremy Colgan, Meet Director
Local event - confirmed permit from the park so this is a go!

Location: Silvermine Parking, Seven Lake Drive, Harriman State Park, New York
Available Courses: Intermediate, Advanced, 90-minute score O

This is a bare bones event to start off 2015. The plan here is use the newly refreshed permanent course markers on Silvermine and not to hang controls in the woods!
Snow on the ground won't be a problem since the plates are all hung on trees (mostly north side - hint, hint). Depending on snow conditions snow shoes may be worth considering.
We are going to work on the trust system so expect you to check the codes yourself rather than write them down. No electronic timing.
There will be open heated bathrooms for folks to change in. Depending on snow conditions snow shoes may be worth considering.
For more advanced folks there will be an intermediate level, advanced level and a 90 minute score O. Intermediate (the permanent course doesn't come with a beginner course) may need to drive to Tiorati Circle after registering.
If this is your first event or you traditionally run white or yellow this would NOT be the event for you.

Go to calendar for details.

Posted by betsy Saturday, February 28, 2015 (06:19:23)

Silvermine 3/15/2015
Spring Has Almost Sprung Local Event
Jeremy Colgan, Meet Director
Local event - confirmed permit from the park so this is a go!

Location: Silvermine Car Park
Available Courses: Intermediate, advanced, score O

The plan here is use the newly refreshed permanent course markers on Silvermine and not to hang controls in the woods! Snow on the ground won't be a problem since the plates are all hung on trees (mostly north side - hint, hint). We are going to work on the trust system so expect you to check the codes yourself rather than write them down. No electronic timing. This is a bare bones event to start off 2015. There will be open heated bathrooms for folks to change in. Depending on snow conditions snow shoes may be worth considering. Intermediates (the permanent course doesn't come with a beginner course) may need to drive to Tiorati Circle after registering. If this is your first event or you traditionally run white or yellow this would NOT be the event for you. For more advanced folks there will be an intermediate level, advanced level and a 90 minute score O. Watch this space for updates as we get closer to the event day.

Posted by betsy Saturday, February 28, 2015 (06:16:13)

Club News HVO Event Report - Rutgers Ecological Preserve + HVO/DVOA Dual - Nov 23, 2014
Event Director: Guy Olsen
Course Setters: Bob Rycharski

Helpers: Michael Ayzenberg, Olga Baranova, Bob Burg, Geof Connor, Michael Forbes, Richard Ebright, Mark Frank, Petr Hartman, Vadim Masalkov, Tom Pelnar, Sanjay Subramanian and Albina, Lev, Yuri & Peter Zekrevski.

Weather: low 50s, sunny, dry

Starts: 137
Participants: 244 (plus ED, CS & about 3-5 others who did not go out on a course)

DVOA Wins! Again...

For the 3rd year in a row, the annual HVO/DVOA Dual Event was won by DVOA (Delaware Valley Orienteering Association), HVO's southestern neighbor. This is also the second time in those three years that the "away" club has won. Sort-of. While this event was organized by HVO, it was held on a DVOA map. In fact, several participants thought it was a DVOA event -- one group even brought a check for their registrations payable to DVOA.

As for the actual Dual competition score, it was 97 - 50 (see link below for details) -- nearly 2:1 -- but that came as no surprise since DVOA orienteers outnumbered HVOrienteers 55 to 15.

For the remainder of this article, starting with an in-depth chapter by the Course Setter, please go here.

Results by course
Splits by Win Splits
HVO/DVOA competition scoring

Posted by Guy Wednesday, January 14, 2015 (02:59:31)

Results Rutgers / HVO-DVOA Dual Event - Results

Results by course

Splits by Win Splits

HVO_DVOA competition results

Posted by GeofC Sunday, November 23, 2014 (22:22:07)

Club News It's HVO's Turn to Host the HVO-DVOA Dual!
This Sunday, November 23, HVO will be playing host to our friendly, southwestern neighbors from the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association (DVOA) -- and, interestingly, we will be doing so on one of their maps: Rutgers Ecological Preserve, in Piscataway, New Jersey.

The occasion for this atypical arrangement is the 2014 edition of the annual HVO-DVOA Dual Event. And, after two straight losses -- including our first defeat on home terrain since 1998 --
HVO will be looking to turn things around.

Beginner thru Advanced level courses will be offered, all with pre-marked maps, and e-punching. Registration & starts will be available during the usual 11am - 1pm window, BUT because of the early sunset, all courses will be closing at 3pm.

For full event info, including course details, fees, times, notes and directions, please go here.

A note to our more recreational members: Please don't let this up-tick in competitiveness discourage you from participating. Scoring is based on placing, not time, so everyone -- even those of us who consider themselves "slow" -- has an opportunity to contribute. In fact, on White and Yellow, even groups can count in the scoring!

Posted by Guy Friday, November 21, 2014 (11:05:52)

Results JROTC Champs & HVO local event, Blue Mountain - 11/15/2014
What a great day! We had 129 starts by about 260 people. Eight schools’ JROTC groups participated on separate White and Yellow courses set by Course Setter, Dave Webber, and about 40 others enjoyed the excellent White through Red courses Dave set. The Blue Mountain Lodge was a wonderful event center with electricity, heat, a stove and tables. Many thanks to Joe and Ed from the park rangers! Congratulations to the JROTC Champs for 2014: O'Neill High School (first), Franklin High School (second) and Washingtonville High School (third.)

The helpers at this meet were phenomenal! For the course/control setting/ vetting and pick up a big thank you to Dave Webber, Paul Bennett, Daniel Schaublin, Jim Mertz, Judy Dickinson, Andy Raybould George Hawes, and Geof Connor . Instruction was given by George Hawes, Ed Hicks, Bill Borowitz, Betsy Hawes, and John Pekarik. The event wouldn’t have happened as smoothly it did without Geof Connor manning the computers for registrations and downloading. Annette Borowitz did a great job running the registration table. Alan Young, Daniel Schaublin, Jim Mertz, and Bill Borowitz got everyone off on the right foot at the start and Judy Dickinson helped in a slew of different ways. A resounding thank you to one and all! Betsy Hawes Meet Director

Results by course

Posted by GeofC Saturday, November 15, 2014 (17:30:51)

Results Results - Silas Condict, October 19, 2014
Results by course

Posted by GeofC Sunday, November 09, 2014 (17:24:16)

Results HVO/WCOC A-meet - Recreational courses - Results
With 20 starts on Saturday and on Sunday, about 84 people took part in the Recreational Courses at beautiful Mountain Lakes Park in Westchester County, NY. Not only could they compare their times with each other if they wished, but also with the competitors running on the same courses in the A-meet.

Hope to see you again at our next local event at Blue Mountain Reservation on November 15th.

Posted by Daniel Monday, October 27, 2014 (13:19:06)

Club News Silas Condict - Update
We apologize for the delay in posting results for the Silas Condict event last Sunday.

The two people who would be doing so have major responsibilities at this weekend's A-event. We will get to it next week.

Thank you for understanding!

Posted by Guy Saturday, October 25, 2014 (00:33:49)

Club News A-meet Recreational Courses, Sept 25-26
If you do not feel ready to take part in a national event (HVO’s A-meet) you can still be part of the fun and excitement by taking a White, Yellow or Orange Recreational course!

You will use electronic punching and take the same courses as those vying for the medals. Cost will be $10 for individuals plus $2 for each additional person in a group. If you don’t have a finger stick for the electronic punching, you can borrow one for just a deposit (keys, $40, ...).

Come out and join the fun!

Saturday will feature a BBQ and some games in the afternoon as well as the orienteering (starts between 11 and 12:30.) Sunday’s starts will begin at 10 and end at 11:30, with the courses closing at 2 PM. See the event website for additional information.

Plan to come out and enjoy the event for one day or both!

Posted by betsy Thursday, October 16, 2014 (19:30:49)

Results Explore the Sanctuary Results - September 27, 2014
A nice sunny day but a bit hot for the longer courses. We had 60 starts with quite a lot of groups and many doing more than one course. Total competitors about 70.
The meet was part of National Orienteering Week and we had a draw for two pairs of trail shoes donated by IceBug. They were won by Joan Hoskins and Alan Young – congratulations!
The new O-suits were also on display and on sale – nice design, best get in fast before they all go.
No-one got all controls in the long score within the 90 minutes but Peter Gagarin came close, missing only 2 low value controls with a score of 560 out of a possible 590.
Thanks to Craig for helping vet, set out and pick up controls, Liz for help on registration, Ching-Hua for helping out with e-punch, Ed for doing his usual good job on instruction and Andy and Jeff for help with control pick up.
And thanks to the Westmoreland staff who, as usual, did a great job in making it a success.

Results by course

And please don’t forget to register for "Love the Lakes" -- HVO & WCOC's "A" (national) event at Mountain Lakes Park.
Regular registration extended to 1 AM on October 14, 2014 - Avoid the late registration fee, sign up NOW!.

Link to the Love the Lakes Website

Posted by GeofC Sunday, September 28, 2014 (17:47:57)

Results HVO event at Highland Museum - September 20, 2014
Many newcomers and perfect weather

About 85 people turned out for 68 starts, including a lot of second starts. Families, boy scouts, West Point Prep cadets, and individuals enjoyed the day and the courses at this beautiful Orange County location. We hope to see you back again next weekend for our second event of National Orienteering Week at Westmoreland Sanctuary, Mt. Kisco, NY. See the schedule for more information.

Volunteers: More than a dozen!!! Thanks first to Geof Connor for handling the computer so that we could use the electronic punching. Next, thanks to Janet and Glen Tryson for yeomen’s jobs on a very busy registration table. And to Bob Bullions for helping hang controls, get people off on the right foot at the start and more. Thanks, too, to Jeff Osborn (registration), Daniel Schaublin and Dave Webber (control pick up), Guy Olsen and Ed Hicks (instruction and Ed some course design), Craig Weber, and to George Hawes (course setting, control hanging and pick up, instruction and more) It wouldn’t have been such a great day without all of you. Special thanks to Museum of the Hudson Highlands and Alicia for the venue and the day of event help! Betsy Hawes, MD.

Results by course
Note that where the number of controls collected in the Score event were equal then the fastest time actually wins e.g. Daniel actually beat Glen even though they are shown as equal first.
Some entrants were unsure of the procedure in the score event. Some tried to collect the controls in the order given on the score sheet instead of in any order and, because the control numbers were not shown on the master sheet which some entrants copied from, some entrants punched every control they could irrespective of whether it was on the Score course or Orange etc. The results reflect only controls actually included in the score event.

Splits by Win Splits
Note that splits for Score are meaningless as they only measure time (and common controls) and not number of controls.

Posted by GeofC Sunday, September 21, 2014 (17:05:12)

Club News HVO/WCOC A-meet - October 25-26, 2014
"Love the Lakes"

Get ready for the HVO/WCOC A-meet on October 25-26, 2014 at Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, NY. This is a new map in a new area with great running.

The A-meet is a collaboration of HVO and WCOC. The web site is now open and you can register for the event.

Link to Website

Get your registration in early and secure a good seat for the best A meet this year.

Posted by GeofC Saturday, August 02, 2014 (15:02:42)

Club News New HVO uniforms
New HVO Club O suits- Summer 2014
Over the past several months we have been in discussion with several different vendors about new custom HVO OTops. It was important that it was a Quality product, well-made and well-designed. Our Last O top (2006-2008 eras) did not last very well and the colors bled once it was washed and the material was not very breathable but the price was good at 40 dollars.

Selected New Vendor: Of the three vendors, Noname was selected They had got back in touch with me without me having to call and email them more than once and I figure if that was there customer service at the start of the process that I would prefer to work with them over the long term.

The design selected was from a stock item and just modified to include our name and color .If anyone wants a club logo to be included email me the pdf file and it can get added. There is no minimum order to place with the manufacturer. The delivery time of the custom made o-tops would be about 2 months to deliver. Order date needs to be before July 21th 2014 for us to guarantee to have delivery in time for the North Americans and our HVO A-meet.

For more details and orders, click here.

Posted by Daniel Wednesday, July 16, 2014 (20:39:50)

Results HVO Event Report - Eagle Rock, June 22, 2014
Event Director: Guy Olsen
Course Setters: Kseniya & Nadya Popova
Course Vetter: Sergei Zhyk

Helpers: Michael Ayzenberg, Greg Balter, Geof Connor, Tim Cutler, Niyant Dalal, Judy Dickinson, Betsy & George Hawes, Bob Rycharski, Maryjane Stout, Eric & Ryan Thies, and Albina & Peter Zekrevski.

Weather: low 80s, sunny, ie, beautiful!

Starts: 78
Participants: 116 (plus ED, CS, CV & 2 others who did not go out on a course)

Dear Readers,
If I had to sum up this event in two words, they would be...

Patch works!

That's Patch as in, the local news and information internet platform. In Essex County, NJ, there are 10 community-specific Patch sites, and I posted HVO's event on every one of them. The result was 23 first-time orienteers, on top of the 37 others who came out Sunday. Given that there were 116 people overall, 60 of them being new is a sizeable share. I also sent press releases to local weekly newspapers, and the Star-Ledger, northern NJ's biggest daily.

For the remainder of this article, please click here.

Results by course
Splits by Win Splits
Splits on

Posted by Guy Thursday, July 10, 2014 (00:49:20)

Club News Orienteering at Eagle Rock this Sunday!
After almost 6 years, HVO returns to Eagle Rock Reservation, this Sunday, June 22, 2014.

The Popova/Zhyk course setting crew will be offering a full range of Beginner through Advanced (White - Red) courses. We will be using the picnic area, so feel free to bring along your favorite grillable edibles and (non-potent) potables.

For complete event details, including directions, please visit the event webpage here. . . Update: Address for GPS added 6/21.

To learn more about Eagle Rock, check out the Essex County Parks webpage, here. The most visited attraction in the Reservation is the Essex County September 11 Memorial. It is situated at the overlook where many observed the unfolding events on that fateful day back in 2001, and includes a World Trade Center artifact.

Posted by Guy Wednesday, June 18, 2014 (04:28:00)

Thu Nov 26, 2015

On which of the following HVO maps in NYC, would you be most likely to attend a local event?

Results :: Polls

Votes: 88
Comments: 0

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